4 Sizzling Recipes for
National Fajita Day

National Fajita Day 2022 is quickly approaching — August 18, to be exact. It’s a day that recognizes the sizzling, authentic Tex-Mex flavors of the Southwest through a beloved cuisine.

It’s only natural to celebrate National Fajita Day by whipping up this truly beloved dish in the kitchen! Luckily, we’ve got plenty of ideas to get you started. Read on to learn about the origins of fajitas and explore four tasty recipes.

National fajita day recipes

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The Origins of Fajitas

Did you know that fajitas have been around since the 1930s? During this time, Mexican vaqueros — or cowboys — in Southwest Texas developed this groundbreaking creation. They cooked throwaway cuts of beef over an open fire or grill, then served them with flour or corn tortillas.

Fajitas have come a long way since then! It wasn’t long before fajitas took off in the region, popping up on various Tex-Mex menus. Patrons were delighted by the sizzling aromas of grilled meat strips, onions and bell peppers. Due to fajitas’ versatility, cooks began experimenting with various southwestern spices, guacamole, Pico de Gallo and other toppings and fillings. 

Meat choices started to extend beyond skirt steak trimmings to include other options, including chicken, pork and shrimp. By the 1980s, most Mexican restaurants in the U.S. had fajitas on the menu. What stemmed from humble beginnings as an affordable, convenient meal for cowboys has become a staple in the culinary world. 

Modern kitchens continue to experiment with fajitas and their festive presentations, adding a variety of veggies and seasonings like lime and cilantro to round out the flavors. Grilling the meat with mesquite wood — a technique that Texas chefs adopted in the 1980s — is another popular way to prepare fajitas, adding a rich and smoky flavor. 

4 Fajita Recipes to Try

There’s no better way to celebrate National Fajita Day than by trying some unique and delicious recipes. Check out the four recipes below for some inspiration!

1. Chicken Fajita Taco

Simple to make yet incredibly delicious, our first recipe is this easy chicken fajita taco! Soft flour tortillas are loaded with colorful ingredients like fresh bell peppers, red onion, shredded cheddar cheese, avocadoes, lime wedges and cilantro. 

Celebrate National Fajita Day by whipping up these irresistible tacos in just minutes. The key ingredient — pre-made chicken fajitas — ties the whole recipe together while adding a rich boost of protein. Don’t forget to top this dish with a cool, delectable dollop of sour cream!

These chicken fajita tacos make for a tasty and nutritious family dinner you’ll want to keep making long after the holiday wraps up. Not to mention your next Taco Tuesday will be a hit! 

2. Chicken or Beef Fajita Quesadilla

Craving a warm comfort dish of savory meat, gooey melted cheese and a crispy, golden brown tortilla shell? Trust us when we say these chicken or beef quesadillas will deliver. The beauty of this recipe is that you’ll only need a few simple ingredients — cheese, meat and tortillas — some of which may already be sitting in your fridge. 

Grab some fresh flour tortillas and shred some cheddar and pepper jack cheese. Finally, choose between pre-cooked chicken or juicy beef fajitas to craft this recipe to your liking. If those meat cravings are exceptionally strong, you can even choose both!

Serve your quesadillas with any sides or toppings you desire, like fresh salsa, sour cream, guacamole, Mexican rice or refried beans. You can even try dipping these quesadillas in your favorite soup for the ultimate comfort meal.

3. Steak Fajita Grilled Cheese

With a tasty twist on the traditional grilled cheese sandwich, this steak fajita grilled cheese is another fantastic creation to try on National Fajita Day. With melted mozzarella cheese, sizzling beef fajita strips, sliced yellow onion and green bell pepper between two thick slices of sourdough bread, this savory sandwich is guaranteed to make your mouth water. 

Whether you try this recipe for lunch or dinner, steak fajita grilled cheese sandwiches are sure to make for an unforgettable National Fajita Day. If you’re looking for tasty sides to pair with this dish, grilled cheese and tomato soup are a culinary match made in heaven! A steamy bowl of chicken noodle soup is another classic option.

steak fajita grilled cheese

4. Beef Fajita Stroganoff

If pasta dishes are calling your name, you’re sure to appreciate this warm and savory beef fajita stroganoff. A creamy sauce of tender beef fajitas, sliced button mushrooms, onions, sour cream, Worcestershire sauce and beef broth tops soft egg noodles. This dish will have everyone coming back for another helping. 

Don’t forget to top the stroganoff with a teaspoon of fresh parsley to complete the taste and presentation. Consider serving this dish with a side of mashed or baked potatoes, roasted veggies, rice or salad. Your National Fajita Day will be one for the books with this fantastic recipe!

Create Your Own

While the above recipes are a great start for National Fajita Day, you don’t have to limit yourself to this list. Fajitas are a wonderfully versatile food, so feel free to experiment with various recipes, fillings, toppings and sides. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this meal — don’t hesitate to get creative in the kitchen!

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