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Have a Question about THE GIVEAWAY?


If you have any questions related to our Mother’s Day Giveaway, feel free to PM/DM on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

For all regular inquiries, call 903-592-9800 or fill out our Customer Service form.

You are limited to ONE (1) email entry per person during the giveaway period per day.

Read the official rules for more details.

If your count total goes back down to 1 it may be a result of clearing your browser’s history and site cookies. While you will no longer see the results of your bonus URL share, don’t worry! The system is still recording the bonus entries.

We are working with Woobox on finding a solution to this issue. 

Winners are selected at random through the Woobox platform.

The winners will be announced on our social channels between April 17, 2020–May 6, 2020. Each winner will be notified directly by email. Read the official rules for more details.

You will need to follow the directions given in the winner’s email within 48hrs. 

Read the official rules for more details.

Winner emails are sent to the winner’s email address submitted on the same day the winner is announced. Always check your email’s SPAM/JUNK folder. 

Please be aware, we only announce the first and last name of each winner on our social channels. As such, it is possible for there to be multiple entrants with the same name. Therefore, while your name may be listed, if you did not receive our winner’s email, then it is likely it was another person who won. 

If you’re still unsure, please contact us by private message on one of our social channels with your email address to verify your status. 

Read the official rules for more details.