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Benefits of Buying Fully Cooked Buffalo Chicken Tenders

Fully cooked buffalo wing-flavored chicken tenders are convenient and packed with lean protein for those days you need a quick, filling snack or meal. Our lightly breaded buffalo chicken tenders are sold frozen, with each chicken tender placed in the freezer at the peak of freshness. John Soules Foods buffalo wing-flavored chicken tenders retain their tender, juicy meat through quick freezing. There is no nutritional difference between frozen and fresh chicken meat, so pat yourself on the back for choosing a mouthwatering source of nutritious protein! Pick up your chicken in the freezer aisle. These chicken tenders are also fast to cook and prepare, and they open up possibilities for many fresh, delicious meals the whole family will love.

Why Buy Pre-Cooked Buffalo Chicken Tenders From John Soules Foods?

Since 1975, John Soules Foods has been committed to food safety. We examine all meat before it goes into production and rely on independent lab tests that exceed the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requirements to ensure you receive quality products.