At John Soules Foods, we offer fully cooked entrees so you can add a delicious and nutritious protein source to your meals with minimal prep time. From grilled chicken strips to breaded patties and beef fajitas, we carry a wide selection of great-tasting meats that can stand on their own or make the perfect complement to any dish, from breakfast tacos to chicken sandwiches and beyond. Find a retailer in your area to try our beef and chicken for yourself.

Frozen and Refrigerated Entrees From John Soules Foods

Refrigerated and frozen precooked entrees can simplify meal time while reducing dinner time stress and John Soules Foods has options to satisfy any taste. We offer products in various quantities, including family sizes, so you can fill your fridge or freezer with nutritious protein sources when you need them. Shop at a retailer near you for products like:

  • Fully cooked beef: For hearty meals you can make in an instant, buy precooked frozen beef from John Soules Foods at your local grocery store. Our precooked beef entrees for sale range from Beef Fajitas to Beef Steak, so you can find an easy-to-cook, safe-to-handle entrée for any meal.
  • Fully cooked chicken: Look for our fully cooked frozen chicken strips for sale at your local supermarket for grilled, oven-roasted and rotisserie options that can be ready in minutes. Our boneless chicken breast strips are already seasoned, so you can find a selection that pairs with any of your favorite dishes.
  • Fully cooked breaded chicken: From Buffalo Style to Sweet BBQ, Orange and Southern Style, you can buy a variety of styles of frozen breaded chicken from John Soules Foods at stores near you. We produce high-quality breaded chicken that you can eat as a stand-alone snack or pair with any meal.

Where to Buy

Fully Cooked Entrees Make Life Easier

Finding time to cook nutritious meals can difficult, but John Soules Foods has a solution. Our easy-to-cook chicken breasts, breaded chicken and beef fajitas can alleviate the stress of meal preparation and cook for people with a lot on their plates. When you choose our fully cooked frozen entrees over raw meats, you’ll benefit from:

  • Time savings: Fresh meats need to be seasoned and cooked to complement your dish, which can take time you may not have to spare. With our precooked chicken and beef, you can enjoy a delicious meal that takes less time to cook. Our products heat up in minutes.
  • Easy preparation: Products from John Soules Foods are an excellent option for new chefs and people with packed schedules because they take the bulk of food preparation out of the process. Our chicken and beef packs are versatile and seasoned to appeal to many flavor palates, meaning you can grab the option that will work best with your dish and have it ready to eat in a flash.
  • Safer handling and cooking: When you prepare raw meats, you must be careful to wash your hands and avoid spreading bacteria around your kitchen. Likewise, it’s essential to cook raw chicken or beef thoroughly to avoid consuming harmful contaminants. Opting for precooked entrees eliminates the risks associated with raw foods for safer meal prep. Visit our Food Safety page to learn more.
  • Ease of storage: Your fully cooked products from John Soules Foods has a resealable strip so you can store so they are easier to store safely for more extended periods. Our frozen packages offer versatility with a long shelf life.

Why Choose John Soules Foods?

When it comes to tasty meal options you can make fast, families across the nation choose John Soules Foods. Our refrigerated and frozen precooked meals are the perfect addition to your grocery list. Choose John Soules Foods to experience:

  • Delicious entrees with any meal: Our products give you a choice between chicken and beef selections that feature different seasoning and cooking styles. As a result, you can find a tasty protein source for any of your favorite dishes.
  • Fast meal preparation: Meal preparation can be a breeze with our precooked, sliced and seasoned chicken or beef products. With John Soules Foods, you can spend less time preparing your meal and more time experimenting with creative, exciting recipes.
  • Healthy options for any diet: Precooked beef and chicken packs from John Soules Foods are low-fat selections that provide a significant source of protein with every serving. Plus there are product options that feature zero artificial ingredients. Enjoy easy-to-cook, gluten-free entree options with any of your favorite dishes.
  • Quality you can see: We use 100% All Natural chicken and beef in our products.

Discover Delicious Recipes

At John Soules Foods, we’re here to help you come up with new ideas so you can keep your meals fresh and exciting. Our fully cooked entrees are a fast, easy protein to add to any dish. Try our frozen or refrigerated entrees with your favorite recipes or browse our site for unique meal ideas that cover a wide range of flavors, including:

  • Surf ‘n’ turf pasta: Mix our Beef Steak cuts with your choice of shrimp for a flavorful, fueling pasta dish that can be ready in half an hour.
  • Chicken pot pie pockets: This delicious plate features our Rotisserie Chicken Strips alongside fresh veggies tucked into a fluffy pastry for a warm, comforting delight. Serve up to eight people with less than an hour in the kitchen.
  • Steak and huevos rancheros: Take a trip south of the border for a spicy Mexican breakfast complete with our Beef Fajitas and creamy pepper jack cheese.
  • Gluten-free chicken corn fritters with spicy cranberry crema: Try a creamy, gluten-free dish with cranberry salsa that makes the perfect base for our Chicken Fajitas.
  • Beef or Chicken Fajitas: A classic spread full of flavor that will take less time than you think.

Find a Local John Soules Foods Retailer

John Soules Foods is here to help you fill your refrigerator or freezer with delicious, nutritious entrees that can be ready at a moment’s notice. To find out where to buy frozen precooked chicken and beef in your area, search for local retailers today!